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Hi. We are the Maertz (pronounced m/ǝ/rts) family, Vince, Amanda, Ella, Emme, and Elsee.

Don’t worry, we don’t even know how to pronounce our last name. We live in Silver Lake, and we have worked our entire careers to be here today.

I (Vince) have been in the foodservice industry since the late 1900’s where I spent my time after school wrapping burgers at Burger King in my hometown of St. Paul. I spent a year in fast food before I took a leap into short order cooking at Applebee’s and then wasted a few years of my life “in-between jobs” and generally being a bum. On and on I progressed, and I learned from some amazing and some terrible chefs. I took the longer, far less expensive approach to learning the ways of culinary arts: I cooked my way through restaurant after restaurant, gleaning everything I could from every position I held. In 2017, I took a job that would change my life.

Amanda has all of her roots planted at the Lafayette Club on Lake Minnetonka. She worked there for eleven years, working her way from part-time server to dining manager. When I took a line cook job there in 2017, I saw her for the first time, and the rest is history. In 2019, we said our vows, and I became a step-father of two amazing little girls. In October of 2020, we said hello to our little Elsee Anne, and my heart has been full ever since.

I left the Lafayette Club in June of 2020 as the executive sous chef to take on a simpler position of expediter at a restaurant in Cokato, because I wanted to spend more time with my growing family, and plot my next life moves. Very quickly, the opportunity presented itself to make our dream come true: owning a restaurant.

Life has been an uphill battle for both of us. We have incredible stories to tell, and we would love to share our lives with the city and people of Hutchinson. Our aim is to have extraordinary food available to all of the hard-working folks in the area, at an affordable price, every time. We have spent our careers paying attention to detail, and we think you’ll notice that we put our love and passion into our food and service.

Please, come in and get to know us. We are here for you.

Vincent Maertz
Amanda Thrawl-Maertz

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